artists inspired by aboriginal art. acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas – “fish & bobbles pink”

oktober 6, 2015


acrylic on canvas
dromedary skin, working process guimbri, guembri
working process guimbri neck

Working process – Neck

oktober 4, 2015


Acrylic on canvas – Yellow Stone

oktober 3, 2015


buy a guembri

Buy a Guimbri – big

oktober 3, 2015

essaouira, gnawa, festival, dancing, singing, North Africa, music, Walnut wood, strings, decoration, lilas, champion, trasisonel music, wood work, trance, maalems, gnaoua, gnawa, berber, sinter, hejhouj, camel skin, banjo, index finger, west african, gnaoua, ghanawa, ghanowi, gnawi, ceremonies, hypnotic trance, krakeb, berber musicians, three stringed, voice a guembri, akorder, essaouira gnawa festival morocco, world music festival, popular music festivals in Africa, coultural events, world music, covered bass, gnawa people, healing rituals, the masters of guimbri, taifa, jnun, musico-ritual traditions in North Africa, symbolic interactionism,

Buy a Guembri: Awicha

oktober 3, 2015

acrylic on canvas
abstract on canvas with raw edge, acrylic on canvas, pattern

Acrylic on canvas – “blue dessert”

oktober 2, 2015