hassan laarousi, essaouira


Hassan Laarousi is born in Essaouira and knows what ‘moves’ in Essaouira.

He has been working with the cooperative of thuja wood for more than 20 years. Hassan works with different sorts of wood, as cedar, walnut, mahogni, rocco and poplar.
He has a big passion for his work, which is a 100 percent handmade. He is using the old traditional working process, making them.

At YellowWorkshop you can see him make beautiful and unique instruments – made by hand and love for the traditions, of making an instrument there can be played, ¬†with just the right sound of gnaoua. And if anyone knows the right sound of gnaoua, it’s Hassan who himself is a young melem of gnaoua music, and has been playing the guembri his whole life.


I speak English/French and Arabic of course!
If you are interested or want to know more, send me an email.
You can also direct questions to us contact@yellowworkshop.com or via Yellow Workshop Facebook page.