Countries where we have sold guembri to

January 3, 2020

Here is the map of the countries where we have sold guembri to, made by Hassan Laarousi. You can see what our customers say about us, on a Trustpilot Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Jordan, India, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Brasil. Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, […]

New design – Round Guembri – large No:1.26/86

July 13, 2019

Buy a guembri with tuning keys. Handmade instrument by Hassan Laarousi. Body ceder neck ceder. Dromedary skin and original goat strings form Morocco. No.1: 26/86 Full length 86 cm. Body 26 cm With a black bag and 3 extra originial goat strings. Price: 250 Euro Accessories for guembri instrument Ordering and shipping Various of guembri […]

luth à trois cordes, Strings for Moroccan Guembri Gimbri.animal gut strings, what is the correct tuning for the 3 stringed morrocan bass

How to change the strings on a guembri & How to tune the guembri

September 10, 2018

Note – using tuning key and new strings – assemble the goat strings and tuning light the first day and next day you can tuning your guembri.


Guembri bridge / chevalet

August 15, 2017

Guembri bridge made of European beech/Le hêtre commun. 10 euro  

shipping box from

About shipping

February 27, 2016

About shipping: We are extremely proud of the quality and handwork that goes into our work, and therefore create custom packaging to ensure it is delivered safely.

working process of polishing new guembri
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Originial strings from Morocco

January 13, 2016

Original goat strings from Morocco. This set of 3 strings from the highest quality available. They are professional and unpainted with varnish, 100% natural. Price 15 € Gem

Video: Working process o a guembri

November 29, 2015

Working process on a guembri, with intarsia technique decoration.

dromedary skin, working process guimbri, guembri
working process guimbri neck

Working process – Neck

October 4, 2015