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Buy a Guembri: Awicha No: 44.98

By yellowworkshop, October 22, 2017

Buy an awicha with tuning keys. Handmade instrument by Hassan Laarousi.

Body mahogni, neck iroko wood. Decoration lemon tree and aluminum.

Dromedary skin and original goat strings form Morocco

No: 44.98 Full length 98 cm. Body 44 cm

With a black bag and 3 extra originial goat strings

Price: 170 € SOLD to a musician from USA

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Various of guembri

A Three Stringed Skin-covered Bass, Strings for Moroccan Guembri Gimbri,

Originial strings for Morrocan Guembri Gimbri, Moroccan Sintir also called Guembri,

Sintir likewise called Guembri, guembri,

essaouira activites essaouira attraction essaouira gnawa-gnaoua

guembri bag, animal gut strings

guembri-bag, animal gut strings

guembri bag