How to tune the guimbri, how to tune my Guembri,

Buy a Guembri: Awicha No: 44.98

By yellowworkshop, oktober 22, 2017

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Buy an awicha with tuning keys. Handmade instrument by Hassan Laarousi.

Body mahogni, neck iroko wood. Decoration lemon tree and aluminum.

Dromedary skin and original goat strings form Morocco

No: 44.98 Full length 98 cm. Body 44 cm

With a black bag and 3 extra originial goat strings

Price: 170 € SOLD to a musician from USA

Ordering and shipping

Various of guembri

A Three Stringed Skin-covered Bass, Strings for Moroccan Guembri Gimbri,

Originial strings for Morrocan Guembri Gimbri, Moroccan Sintir also called Guembri,

Sintir likewise called Guembri, guembri,

essaouira activites essaouira attraction essaouira gnawa-gnaoua

guembri bag, animal gut strings

guembri-bag, animal gut strings

guembri bag